Simple alert notification system
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A new way for municipalities to minimize crime and reduce impact of 911 dispatcher shortage problem
Listening for alerts
from FAST11-enabled
phones below
Alerts from phones
above appear here
without calling 911

system can be
operational in seconds
on an iPad, laptop, or
on in-vehicle
mobile computers

No special app
or software needed


Listening for alerts
from FAST11-enabled
phones below
Listening for alerts
from FAST11-enabled
phones below
Multiple First-Responder Problems Solved

The 911 Problem

When a crime occurs, it can often take time to get through to a 911 dispatcher by phone and by text because of dispatcher shortages and call overload. By the time callers get through and information is collected and relayed to responders in the field, several minutes can go by when every second counts—delays which give criminals more time to commit their crimes and get away before police arrive. Dispatcher shortages and overloaded 911 systems also prevent people from being able to get through to relay critical updates to police as an incident unfolds.

The FAST11 Solution

FAST11 alerts are sent directly from victim's phones to responder vehicles without calling 911. The result: 911 delays (left) are eliminated to provide police with quicker notification, which can mean a faster response. This way, the time advantage is taken away from criminals and is given to police. FAST11 also gives people a way to provide police with direct incident updates without police having to wait for this information to be relayed by a dispatcher—information which can help police find perpetrators faster while avoiding a potential ambush.

Dispatcher Shortage Help

As a separate, stand-alone system, FAST11 can help municipalities minimize the impact of their dispatcher-shortage crisis by giving police a way to selectively offload and redirect calls to localized FAST11 systems which can be set up in segmented areas without needing special 911 equipment or facilities (this FAST11 alert monitor can be used on a simple laptop or iPad from anywhere without impacting existing 911 systems). FAST11 alerts can also be easily accessed by other agencies on the fly to improve mutual awareness and responder safety.

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